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Halal certification is the process by which a company ensures that their food can be eaten by individuals who observe the laws and the teachings of Islam regarding the consumption of food in general.  Halal certification and supervision over food production are more and more observed by the Muslim community at large both in Canada and the USA. In addition, modern technology has made food production, storage and transportation complicated and Halal laws need to be addressed in this contemporary context

Obtaining Halal Certification

Obtaining Halal certification will expand your market potential. The major reason for obtaining Halal certification for your company is to gain more customers within the muslim community which is growing in number world wide. Observant Muslims , as well as many other people, and health conscious individuals look for Halal certification to ensure the quality of the food they consume.

In addition to this, the Halal industry is a growing market in Canada and the US . Having Halal certification is a competitive advantage in the ever challenging business environment of the modern food industry

Halal Certification Benefits

Competitive advantage- manufacturers can use it as a marketing tool to secure bigger market share as halal food is suitable for both muslims and non-muslims. At the international level , it can enhance the marketability of products especially in muslim countries.

Quality- it indicates that the food products do not only fulfill halal requirements, but are also in accordance with strict hygienne practices.( HCCP)

Consumer confidence – it allows the consumers to make an informed choice of their purchase

Halal Certification Process

  1. Initial Inquiry
  2. Application and Overview
  3. Service Agreement
  4. Product Review
  5. Facility Audit
  6. Invoice
  7. Certification